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British Airways "Dream Ticket"

This was shot in Anguila with Wescam, Louma and underwater kit. A modified Canon stills lens was used to give the curved horizons. Polarizers were used on every shot.

It was the first commercial to be shot on Agfa XTR250 and I used the latitude of the stock to the limit. No fill was used on any set-up and rim lighting was added with mirrors to give even more "punch" to the beach scenes. This was a cause of disagreement between Mike & I and some set-ups were shot with & without rim light. I hope it's clear which were used.

Originally it was a one shot commercial, starting on the close up face frame and pulling out to the wide shot of the island. We only had a narrow "window" in which to get the shot before the shadows moved and the shot was over. It took us several days to get it.

We then shot the additional material which made the "dream sequence".

  • Director Mike Portelly

  • Producer Amos Manesseh

  • Production Company Portelly Films

  • Aerial Camera Operator Simon Werry

  • Underwater Camera Jason Bulley & Mark Silk

  • Colourist Mick @ VTR

  • Gaffer Keith Osborne

  • Grips Ryan Brothers


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