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The only problem we had with this commercial was that it was for showing in winter and had to look cold and overcast and we were shooting in the one week of sunshine that England gets each year in the middle of August!

The first shot we shot at night, bouncing light off 12 * 12's to get a soft overcast look. This caused too many problems with distracting drivers and blinding people :-)

We then adopted the approach of silking off the area we were shooting in and then adding rim light as appropriate. The problem with this approach became apparent when we got to long street with the bike shot. We were shooting with long lenses to compress the scene but this meant that we had to silk VERY long areas to allow him to ride down the street.

We started silking this shot at 7am and eventually turned over at 4:40pm having brought in silks from every lighting company in London and we were using several construction cranes to support it all.

How do you use a grad on a 300mm lens? well, you build a 4 foot long tunnel out of blackwrap to get the filter far enough away from the lens for the edge to register!

Director Steve Lowe

Producer Ron West

Production Company RSA

Colourist Mick @ VTR


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