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Dollond & Aitchison "Sun Glasses"

A very simple commercial, after a series of beauty shots of the model in different pairs of specs the camera tracks towards her and the specs change into sunglasses as we move.

The look was to be a very gentle, soft beauty type shot so I used  Cooke S3's with '45 and huge soft sources.

Using a mobile motion control rig we shot a move in to a close-up from a mid shot then change the specs for sunglasses and repeated the move. Our model couldn't hold her head still, we tried braces, we tried clamps, I wanted to use 2 * 4 & 6" nails but was overruled.

We had a video assist overlay rig and in the end we showed her a reversed image of the live picture overlaid over a replay of the bought previous take and had her move her head into the right position. It seemed like a good idea but wasn't working with mixes or splits. Only when we started to switch between sources at high speed did she manage to register her head position. It gave her a serious headache but hey, it worked.

Director Brian Percival

Camera Operator Jason Bulley

Colourist Fergus @ The Mill

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