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Cussons Graphite Shower Gel

Shot in Acapulco on Agfa XTS400, Arri 3 and Canon primes one of which came apart in the humidity giving an "interesting" diffused effect.

I tested every film from Kodak & Agfa on the recce by loading them in my Nikon. I then had them printed on Kodak & Fuji stocks and had various people rate them in order of preference. The winner was XTS400 printed on Fuji with the same stock printed on Kodak coming a close second. '48 printed on Kodak came third. I didn't test Fuji camera stock because they didn't seem interested at the time and I couldn't get any Agfa print stock.

We were working with a small unit and getting a camera crane to the platform that the divers use was "interesting", especially as we had to keep moving with the sun. Top shots could only be done between 10am and noon, the lower shots of him watching had to be done from noon to 2pm after which point we went to the bottom of the other side of the cliff to shoot cutaways. A lot of moving of kit.

Director Al Dickman

Producer Tony Townsend

Production Company Shoots

Camera Operator Jason Bulley

Colourist Adrian @ Rushes

Gaffer Riki Butland

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