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Drayton Manor "The Haunting"

The Haunting was shot for 2 purposes, first as a commercial for a new ride but also in a longer version as the intro to the ride.

It required a night shoot and a day interior, unfortunately as it was shot within a day of midsummer's day the night was very short!.

We should have had all the cable pre-laid for the 3 different set-ups that were required for the exteriors, unfortunately I wasn't able to work with my usual gaffer and things didn't go according to plan.......also, the production company had altered my kit list as well so I didn't have the Zeiss lenses I had asked for, I had Canon instead. "So what's the difference" said the producer, well the 10mm. is T2.8 instead of T2 for a start.

Shot on Vision 320 with 3 Lightning strikes, rain machines and a lot of Kinoflo's.

This shoot included one of the most heart stopping moments of any shoot. Tanya, my loader, came up to me around 6pm, we started at 5pm, and said " Geoff, do you want me to load 2 of these in each mag, we'd have 32mm then " showing me cans of 16mm. V320 wasn't actually released at this point so none of the normal film supply companies could help. Kodak responded with a cab to the location, 100 miles or so from their base, that got there hours before we started shooting.

Producers comment as he saw the stock arrive "extra film already!"

Director Brian Percival

Colourist Mick @ VTR

AC Graeme Dunne

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