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It's a cold wet March in England and I get a call asking me if I'd be prepared to do a deal and work with a short crew to shoot a holiday commercial in Cancun for a week.

I had to think about that for at least a nanosecond :-)

We shot on 16mm with an SR3 and lenses from 4mm to my 500mm mirror lens, I shot all the underwater material myself using a scubacam, it worked remarkably well.

The shot in the pool was done the morning that we were due to fly out, we'd had a fairly major wrap party the hight before and I really wouldn't reccomend this as a hangover cure.

The camera department consisted of Dan Lightening and me but everyone joined in and we had both the producer and director happily setting reflectors and laying track, we had a focus dolly and track with us.

Director Brian Percival

AC Dan Lightening

Producer Mike McGeagh

Production Company New Moon Pictures

Colourist Gary @ Red

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