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Liza Minelli

This started with Donovan throwing an old B&W pic of Judy Garland in a theatre at me "like that, but better and in colour"

The Empire theatre in Hackney, not one of the safest areas of London.

Whilst we were shooting the caterers had their genny stolen

The smoke in the atmosphere wasn't just added by me, it was also the dirt burning off all the orange light fittings that we'd put bigger bulbs in!!

I had the usual problem at that time which was the stills guys and my operstor shaking their heads and saying that there would be no shadow detail, of course there is even though it may not show on the web!

Basically 2 shots, one crane move around, one move in.

The tears came bang on cue every take.

The Pet Shop Boys had produced the track and as a result of this I ended up shooting for them.

Director Terence Donovan

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