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Manchester Airport

So the producer phones you and says "Geoff, we want you to make a commercial about Manchester Airport Terminal 2

Well you're thrilled aren't you? I mean, a commercial about an airport terminal

So then he told me the concept........

We had to show the destinations that people could fly to from the new terminal, "yeah sure, you'll use library footage" I said. "Well unfortunately we can't came the reply

There had to be a snag, nobody asks you to fly around the world making pretty pictures for 6 weeks without there being a snag

"Now the choice is you either film it with a normal crew and have one day in each location or you do it with just an assistant and have 4 days in each location"

That's a snag ?

So, Jason and I with an Arri 3 and lenses from 14mm to 85mm, clip on matte box, very light head & legs.......

Of course I did have to hold the reflector in my teeth when I was bouncing the 12 volt sungun off it for fill in Hong Kong. Oh and they couldn't find a lumberjack and everyone started looking at me

Director Al Dickman

Producer Tony Townsend

Production Company Shoots

Colourist Jet @ Rushes

Camera Assistant  Jason Bulley

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