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"Smart girls get More"

Model walks off dance floor to go to toilet, the line outside ladies is huge, she walks past the line into the gents.

She occupies the only working toilet and sits down to read her More magazine.

Lots of reaction from the women she walked past and also from the guys who end up queuing to use the gents.

We shot this in a small studio with the overhead shot being done by mounting the camera on a goalpost made up of 2 lighting stands and a scaff pole, we couldn't afford a crane.

The brief was to make it look like a sleazy club, but not too sleazy.

Shot on an SR3 with Superspeeds and V320

Director Gareth Roberts

AC Graeme Dunne

Gaffer Ashley Palin

Colourist Gary @ Rushes

All text and images copyright Geoff Boyle