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A lovely job, it took me back to my roots in fashion stills.

I wanted a very soft look to this but without diffusing it, so I lit it with Dino's bounced off large windbags with clear glass 12 K HMI's gelled very warm to give it an edge.

This was the first time I used Primetime and the first time I transferred with Spirit, I ended up very impressed with both.

The Primetime held contrast that was totally lost on conventional stock. I was able to confirm this because as a result of a request from Mick@VTR we shot one sequence on '93 as well. This was actually shot so that he could do some tests on his Spirit but it gave us a wonderful side by side comparison.

The '93 looked harsh and lost both highlight and shadow detail when compared with the Primetime.

We mainly shot with 75 & 150 tilt & shifts to concentrate attention on the clothes, we also used the ramping facility of the 435 to slightly slow some turns and moves of the model.

Director Brian Percival

Gaffer Tony Wilcox

Colourist Seamus@VTR

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