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Robert Palmer "Pepsi"

The idea was to re-create the "simply irresistible" music video with Pepsi as irresistible.

The Robert Palmer and models/dancers was the easy part, we used a ring light as we had on the original but added some extra light to the background this time. We still hadn't learned the lesson of not shooting the shower sequence in a real shower so once again we had exploding lamps in the ring light as water was flicked by the dancers onto them. We left Simon in there on his own as we watched video assist outside.

The packs were shot with Unilux using various rigs to fire the cans through sheets of ice, up through pools of frozen water etc.. I wanted to change speed during shot and as I was using Unilux I knew I wouldn't have any exposure problems.

We were using an Arri 3 with a CE base so I thought I'd get my AC to just hit the "tens" button and get a speed change from 25 fps to 95 fps. He didn't think this was a good idea as he may hit the "hundreds" button by mistake. I didn't think this was a problem, and anyway if the "hundreds" button was hit by mistake the safety interlocks would stop the camera from going faster than 130 fps wouldn't they?. Well not if the rental house has modified the kit so the safety's don't work.

The Arri 3 makes a very interesting noise as it tries to get up to 425 fps, well, my finger slipped. It only took and hour or so to get a replacement camera. I got my 435 around 8 years later :-).

People shot on '94 product shot on '95.

Director Terence Donovan

Gaffer John Hammond

Camera Operator Simon Raynsley

AC Tony Jackson

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