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Sega "Cyber Razor Cut"

This is the first commercial that I shot with the 535, I'd heard it was unreliable in humid conditions so this seemed like the ideal opportunity to test it. The set was raised above the studio floor so that we could feed a huge number of steam outlets under the floor. I tried to set the camera above a steam outlet as often as possible. We had no problems at all with the camera.

The light level we shot at was dictated by the huge array of TV screens we had down one wall of the set, these were behind custom made one-way glass so that they didn't show at all if there was no picture on the monitors. They were fed by a bank of Beta SP players and surveillance cameras. We had more video playback kit than most TV studios!.

The speed change facility of the 535 was used frequently in this commercial often going from 6 fps to sync speed and back to 6 fps within a take. Hey! I didn't have to sync it :-).

Lighting was a mixture of Dedo's and 100 feet of coloured neon's, with a few PAR's to give us a completely burnt out look on the mad barber.

Director Steve Lowe

Producer Ronnie West

Production Company RSA

Camera Operator Peter Turner

Colourist Fergus @ The Mill

Gaffer Keith Osborne

Grip Derek Russell

All text and images copyright Geoff Boyle