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Sharps Bedrooms

How do you make a commercial about fitted bedroom furniture more interesting?

Well, you show it across the course of a day with the light sweeping across the room as we move around it.

We shot with motion control camera and a motion controlled 20K.

As the camera moved around the bedroom so the lamp moved from the far back right of the set to the front right of the set.

We shot 15 passes of the major shot so that we could change gels on the lamps so that the day would start warmer, go to neutral daylight and then go through a sunset to darkness outside and the lamps coming on in the room.

In the end the time lapse was only used for the end 10 second shot as it was too distracting on the whole commercial.

Director Brian Percival

Production Company PSA

Colourist Gary @ Rushes

MoCo Stewart & Neil from Stalwart

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