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Sharps "Tube"

The first full commercial that I shot with Vision 2, the opening sequence tasked it's flexibility a bit :-)

The sequence as she walks across the platform into the train consists of 17 motion control passes of crowd against green screen.

This was mainly for crowd replication but also so that we could have a semi-transparent crown with out heroine being the only solid person.

The crowd passes were shot and TK'd at 6 frames to give us motion blur and our heroine was shot at 30 frames to make her more elegant.

Interestingly enough we tested the bedroom sequences at a whole bunch of speeds, easy with hard disk video assist, and found that she looked best at 29 fps, there was a very noticeable difference between 29 and either 28 or 30.

If only the video assist had done half frame speeds!

The transition from location train to studio bed was lined up using the HDVR and mixing back and forth, We were also hugely helped by the fact that whilst we were shooting the studio sequences first assistant Justin went out on the tube and measured the height of every grab handle around, he also photographed them with his phone/camera and emailed them to me in the studio. Isn't technology grand when it works!

We had a few problems in post but only because I'd assumed that the editor knew what he was committing himself to when I said that this is 2K, we can use 1K here etc. Unfortunately he didn't realise the amount of data that this approach would produce :-)

Well, the opening shot alone was 34 passes, we had to do each layer twice, once colour corrected for the look we wanted and once for the best green screens!

Director/Producer Richard Pilkington

Production Company BCMB

Colourist Gary @ Red

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