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Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Shot in Bangkok on 3 perf 35mm with 3 * Arri LT, 2 * 435, 1 * 235 and 2 * Arri 3

Lenses were Ultraprimes from 10mm to 135mm, 200mm & 300mm Canons, Angeniuex zooms were used, 2 * 24-290mm, 18-100mm, 15-40mm & 27-76mm.

The smaller zooms were used on the AR rig which was the A camera.

Film stocks were Fuji varying according to scene, V160T, E400T, E500R & R500D

This was an "interesting" shoot, we swapped the exteriors to the end of the shoot and shot the interiors first. This was due to location availability, of course it meant that we had no weather cover and when the monsoon started 6 weeks early.......

There was also the question of the director being a very experienced cinematographer.

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