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About a Girl

A short film, very different to my normal commercial work.

A week on a canal side in Manchester in mid-winter, my kind of dream location, nightmare actually :-)

It was a real struggle, not lighting everything beautifully. Every shot was lit, but Brian and I found ourselves constantly reminding each other " It's not a commercial" as an idea for a shot would appear and then be rejected.

My life was made hugely easier by the assistance of Digital Film Lab in London.

We shot Super 16 and scanned on a Datacine at 2K conformed in Inferno and output to a 35mm neg.

This enabled me to cope with the constantly changing light, we were shooting in winter in Manchester and the sun came out! just as I needed overcast.

We shaded the foreground on location and reduced contrast and saturation of the background in Datacine.

The mood was meant to get darker as the story progressed but without telegraphing anything to the audience, just to influence them. We started heavily over filtering, an 85B plus heavy Coral, and then gradually reduced the filter combination so that we were almost uncorrected at the end. We then corrected these back to "normal" which meant that we start with very little blue and end up with very little red.

I've just heard that we've won the Edinburgh Film Festival prize for best short film :-)

Since then it's also won the Manchester Short Film Festival, the Granada TV short film award and Raindance

It's also won the Turner Classic Movie at the London International Film Festival

And finally a British Academy Award (BAFTA)

  • Director Brian Percival

  • Producer Janey de Nordwall

  • Colourist Giles @ Digital Film Lab


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