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In late 2007 I was asked by Thomas Jane to shoot his directorial debut It was to be a 3D thriller.

The cameras and equipment generally came from Paradise FX and included a mammoth Red 3D rig and 2 SI mini-2K rigs, one very sophisticated and built by Element Technica and one horribly crude that was the toy that Howard Smith, my operator, and I wanted.

The middle sized rig was specifically designed to fit in the MK-V AR rig

These are articles that were written at the time for showreel:-

Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

We shot both on location and then on a green screen stage. We used the SI's most on location as I wanted the camera to be constantly moving, we switched to the RED for all the studio Green screen material.

Using Iridas SpeedGrade we established the basic look for the SI cameras and then matched the RED to that. We started out with a "normal" coloured image and de-saturated as the story moved along:-

Of course now that the film is finished it's been re-graded and is in over the top colour all the way, I guess it looks more like a comic book.


My favourite review...


Cinematographer Geoff Boyle, working with Jane, shoots the shit out of the movie, after seemingly constructing a visual scheme that's equal parts noir homage and low-budget Sin City riff. Dutch angles, processed rear-view projection, looming close-ups and obstructed compositions abound, and if it only ends up working in the truest sense of the phrase about half the time.





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