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A fun one for me to do. It was the opening sequence of a TV games show that had just got a lump of money for sponsorship and thought that they should make an opening sequence a bit better than they normally did to keep the sponsor happy :-)

The director was given a budget and told to go off and do it, nobody at the production company had any experience of film. The director then picked the 10 commercials that he liked best at the time and checked who the DP of each was. As I was the DP of 3 of them I got the job!

We nearly lost a sequence when someone shouted to cut because the spray and rain was too bad. Luckily I managed to get them to continue as I was perfectly able to see what was happening because of the spinning rain deflector I was using, even though everyone else was blinded by spraying rain & sand at the time!!

We had a radio message during frame 3 that one of the kids in the back of the boat was getting sick, I'm afraid I showed the sympathetic side of a cameraman who is fighting the light "don't worry, it's a wide shot, we won't see him throw up"
I also forgot that we'd left a spark out on the tower in the sea with a Xenon, we had to find a boat to get him back at midnight.


Director Cameron McAllister

Colourist Gary @ Telecine

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