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Mutant Chronicles

These are articles that I wrote during the filming of MC:-

Mutant Chronicles the start......

Mutant Chronicles...the new toys...SI-Mini-2K...Phantom HD

Mutant Chronicles....Mattes & Miniatures....

There are more articles about the technology used here

We started shooting on R&S stages at Shepperton and then after 4 weeks moved to Island studio's on on the Isle of Man for a further 5 weeks

Initially we had 240' * 44' of green screen and it sorta grew from there :-)

Principal cameras were GVG/Thomson Vipers with Zeiss DigiPrimes

High speed photography was with pre-production Phantom HD's and later production models

Additional cameras used were the SI 2K Mini in a very early prototype form and the first F23 delivered in the UK

Simon and I used SpeedGrade to establish basic looks for the shoot.

These grades were loaded into a Truelight box to give use corrected viewing when we shot and then to keep the look during post.

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