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Lego Racers

One thing that was different about this shoot is that it's the first time that I've wanted to get, and actually did takeaway, the product.

No, not for kids, for me!

It's about what the Racers get up to behind the security guards back after the store closes and the lights go out.

We had 2 nights in Illums in Copenhagen to shoot this, we got in at 8pm and had to be out by 6am.

There were a lot of areas that were still alarmed whilst we were in there and this meant that it was difficult to get light into some of the more remote corners!

All lights had to be de-rigged and then re-rigged.

Once again we used the Revolution lens using a third control motor so that we could tilt the image during takes, we could then roll lean the image as we went around corners.

As always with the Revolution I found myself struggling for light, especially as I'd decided to use a very intense blue gel on most of the lights and that took away 2 stops on it's own :-(

It's shot on 5218 and the latitude of this stock really helped us out with shots that tracked through dark shadows and extreme highlights Norman managed to contain it in the sections that we wanted.

Director Brian Percival

Production Company Easy Film

Colourist Norman @ The Warehouse

Focus Phil Forbes

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