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Wallander "Guilt" & "The Courier"

I had a great time in Ystad shooting these 2 TV films, a very small crew and totally hand-held.

We shot with two RED cameras mainly using the Angeniuex lightweight zooms, the 15-40mm T2.6and the 28-76mmT2.6 we also had a set of Zeiss Super Speeds with the addition of a 16mm Master Prime, 200mm T2 Nikkor, 300mm T2.8 Canon and on a couple of ocasions the 24-290 T2.8 Optimo

We had some difficulties adapting the Red cameras for the way we wanted to work, the pictures from the cameras are great but the practical use of them is not well thought out. It's very difficult to mount all the "normal" accessories like wireless follow focus, cinetape, wireless video assist. Once you have got them mounted you then have power and balance problems,

Our power problems were mainly solved with a home made power splitter and the balance problems were solved by Element Technica with both a versatile mounting hard drive shock mounting and a very adjustable shoulder mount.

These stills were shot by Nile Leander my second camera operator.

I've uploaded them because a lot of people have asked about the ET shoulder mount and the odd positioning of the hard drive mount that I used.

So well balanced with the ET mount that I could work "no hands"!

2 Reds under fire :-) 8 * HK's in front of us, Uzi's and sawn off shotguns behind.

Velcro! don't you just love it :-)

Mount at bottom rear for shock mounted hard drive. Keep the weight as far back as possible to get balance.

Shock mounted hard drive sideways at back underneath battery

Disadvantage of a LCD V/F, the director can "help" you :-(

Note, no safety harness on trainee, well, they can be easily replaced!

If you lose focus again you die!

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