Geoff Boyle NSC

For teaching or consulting projects please contact me directly for commercials movies or TV series please contact my agents:-

Creative Media Management
10 Spring Bridge Mews
W5 2AB
United Kingdom
+ 44 (0) 20 3795 3777


After 20 years of shooting commercials I felt it was time to make a move to drama.

It took some time "you're a commercials camerman, you'll be too slow" was something I heard all the time.

I even snapped back that I used to be a news cameraman on one occasion, strangely enough I didn't get the job.

Films I have photographed include:-

About a Girl  16mm 2K DI ( BAFTA winning short film)

Mutant Chronicles  Digital VFX Green Screen

Dark Country 3D  SI2K & Red digital 3D movie

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li  35mm DI

Wallander  Red digital

Graces Story  C500 4K

Bait (The Taking)  RED

Attack of the Adult Babies   C300-2 


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