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Suntory Whisky

I don't normally shoot stop-motion, I was asked to shoot this because they wanted a more "filmic" look. 

It was a long slow process not aided by a degree of "misinformation", like I'd been hired to light it but they'd "forgotten" to tell the cameraman who normally shot with the director/animator.

Luckily we'd met before and sorted it between us, I'm credited as "lighting consultant" :-)

I shot 3 of these and the first 2, although difficult, were fun. Unfortunately by the time we came to shoot the third our committee of clients knew all there was to know about animation and "helped" a lot more than on the previous 2. 

We over-ran by 2 days on the third one, can't think why.

Director Derek Mogford

Production Company Nexus

Colourist Gary @ Framestore

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