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Vaux Bitter "Homecoming"

One of a series of commercials we shot for Vaux, this one is the guy coming home after being away intercut with the girl preparing for his arrival, they meet at the railway station and go to the pub.

What's he really missed? the beer of course!

We shot in a variety of locations varying from Blackpool airport, and you never realised Blackpool had an airport did you :-), to Manchester railway station to a pub in Lancaster.

This was one of the last commercials that i shot with XTR250, we had some pre-production samples of the prototype stock that became '87 with us and I tried it on a sequence that was for another commercial in the series.

We'd set up a wide shot in a cathedral but there just wasn't enough light, I'd already got 12K's firing through the windows but my gaffer and I reckoned that we needed another 6 of them to get the wide shot, producer said the shot wasn't worth it.

I'd been impressed with the lowlight capability of the prototype stock on the trials in france so decided to give it a go, it worked.

Director Brian Percival

Colourist Mick @ VTR

Camera Operator Jason Bulley

AC Graeme Dunne

Gaffer Tom Gates

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