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Lego "Super Car"

A simple concept, as the kid alters his Lego car at home so his fathers car changes in reality.

We shot the exteriors one day and the studio the next.

The weather on the exterior was variable to put it mildly, going from brilliant sunshine to torrential downpour and back several times.

As we needed a grey overcast day we had to time the extreme wide shots for bad light and then either light or flag the closer shots as appropriate

This was one of those occasions when you realise that being the DP can mean everyone hating you :-)

We had a cover up to stop the rain from soaking everyone but it was interfering with the matching of lighting so I  had it removed and made everyone work in a torrential downpour.

We had a 20 * 20 blue screen mounted on the side of a lighting truck so that we could rapidly re-position the blue screen wherever we needed on the exterior.

I was a bit worried about the blue-screen because to get the look I wanted on the exterior I was shooting without an 85, in the end it was fine.

Director Brian Percival

Colourist Martin @ Warehouse

AC Phil Forbes

Gaffer Otto Stenov

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